As the Lone Star Dog Ranch began to develop a following on social media, Renee Eden was contacted by multiple rescue groups asking for her help and expertise in rescuing dogs on death row, discarded breeder dogs, and dogs in shelters.  She found that she had the facility (the Lone Star Dog Ranch), the expertise, the passion and energy to devote time to dogs in need.

In 2014 Dog Ranch Rescue, Inc. was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Dog Ranch Rescue is a separate non-profit business from the Lone Star Dog Ranch boarding facility.  The rescue has it’s own building and property adjacent to the Lone Star Dog Ranch property in Anna, TX.  The rescue was formed to rescue and rehabilitate dogs in need from various sources, such as puppy mills, local shelters and strays. The rescue provides medical help for each dog, houses them, rehabilitates, socializes and trains them.  The rescue accepts donations from the public that help cover all aspects of the cost associated with this process. When the dogs are restored to good health, spayed, neutered and have all of their needs met physically and socially we take the necessary steps to rehome them.  Each home that a dog is placed in goes through a rigorous application and review process to ensure a positive outcome.  If the placement of the dog is not a good fit the dog is accepted back into the rescue and the process begins again.

Since our inception in 2014 over 2,000 dogs have come through the door of Dog Ranch Rescue and gone on to enjoy a very happily ever after.