As the Lone Star Dog Ranch began to develop a following on social media, Renee Eden was contacted by multiple rescue groups asking for her help and expertise in rescuing dogs on death row, discarded breeder dogs, and dogs in shelters.  She found that she had the facility (the Lone Star Dog Ranch), the expertise, the passion and energy to devote time to dogs in need.  Over the past year Renee has rescued, rehabilitated and found permanent homes for over a 60 dogs.  Currently she has five dogs in the rehabilitation program at the ranch.  The rehabilitation program is run separately from the Lone Star Dog Ranch business.  While the dogs live at the Lone Star Dog Ranch during their rehabilitation, the ranch business and the dog rescue are separate entities.

We will rescue and rehabilitate dogs in need from various sources, such as puppy mills, local shelters and strays. The rescue will seek medical help for each dog, house them, rehabilitate, socialize and train them.  The rescue will accept donations from the public that will help cover all aspects of the cost associated with this process. When the dogs are restored to good health, spayed, neutered and have all of their needs met physically and socially we will take the necessary steps to rehome them.  Each home that a dog is placed in will undergo a rigorous application and review process to ensure a positive outcome.  If the placement of the dog is not a good fit the dog will be accepted back into the rescue and the process will begin again.

In addition to providing the services described above, Renee has taken on terminally ill foster dogs.  One such beloved dog was Larry, an older Dogue De Bordeaux that came from Florida.  When Larry arrived at the ranch the veterinarian determined that he was too ill to be adopted and Renee agreed to foster him on the ranch with love and compassion.  Larry lived for eight months and enjoyed the freedom to roam the ranch grounds, sleep at the home of Renee’s son Travis at night, and frolic with the guests of the ranch.  When Larry went to the Rainbow Bridge Renee brought his ashes back to the ranch and buried him under a crepe myrtle that is along the winding ranch driveway as she has done with all of her personal dogs that have passed.  In 2014 a new addition is being constructed in Larry’s honor at the ranch and will be called “Larry’s Lounge”.